Toddler Christmas Crafts

This section is full of original toddler Christmas crafts. I have thought up and tried out everything here with my 3-year-old son, and other younger toddlers.

Looking for non-Christmas crafts? Visit this section now.

None of these creations require any real artistic skills.

What's more, virtually all cost less than the price of going out for coffee.

Does that mean I've sacrificed presentation?

Not at all.

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Have a look at the homemade presents page, or the examples of make-your-own Christmas cards to see that simple money-saving ideas do not have to equal cheap and nasty.

In This Section:

Homemade Christmas Cards
Get your toddler involved in the yuletide preparations. These greeting cards are easy for young children to make and will save you LOTS of money.

Christmas & Birthday Present Ideas
Suggestions for gifts to make with - or for - your toddler.

Create Your Own Festive Decorations
Encourage your budding Monet (should that be Picasso?!) with these easy-peesy craft projects - shooting star, tree cracker, snowman and door hanging.

Make Your Own Santa Mask
This easy Father Christmas mask also doubles as a basic puppet. With the minimum of mess, you will enjoy helping your toddler make this as much as they will creating it

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A Final Word...

Toddlers can be free spirits (translation: Very Messy) when it comes to anything art-related.

Don't let your desire for well-presented gifts and decorations make you overly fussy about having all the right bits stuck in all the right places.

There's plenty of time for that when they grow up!

Just think: would you rather have your toddler produce something pristine that you could buy in a shop, or would you prefer to create something real that any of your relatives can cherish (well, for a while anyway)?

Everything in this section is doable and, let's face it, pretty attractive. The best thing is that is gives you the chance to have some messy fun with your child and save some money on Christmas gifts for Aunty Ida!

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