A Toddler Birthday
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Do you have a toddler birthday party to organise? This section covers everything you need to know, and many of the suggestions apply to other kinds of party.

I've put together my ideas from my son and other's first, second and third birthday parties to make the job of chief party thrower as hassle-free as possible for you.

Toddler Ideas Tantrums and Toys
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Organising a party for a young child is easier than you might think. Toddlers are an easily impressed breed, and there is no need to spend lots of time or money on the celebration. Remember that you are the one who creates the expectations that your child has.

Don't know where to start? Read the party ideas page - 1st and 3rd birthday parties are very different experiences.

For older toddlers, you will need to set up some party games. Find out what the right age-appropriate activities for toddlers are - not too hard, not too easy.

Want to give your toddler a themed party ? It does not have to be a real headache to sort out - make it as low-key or full-on as you want.

In This Section

Birthday Party Ideas
Some practical suggestions to get you started planning your toddler's party.

Toddler Party Themes
Whether you want to throw a pirates and princesses party or a simple colour themed celebration, try out these ideas that are surprisingly easy to put into practise.

Simple Kids' Party Food
Don't stress over the food for your toddler's next birthday. Great ideas for simple kids party food.

Funky and Fun Party Food
Some more adventurous ideas to brighten up your party spread even more: funny face crackers, pinwheel sandwiches and multicoloured cakes.

Kid's Birthday Cakes
The cake is the main event of any toddler party. This page has ideas and photos of creative cakes. Instructions for a bakeless train cake included.

Toddler Party Games
My simplified versions of party classics (like the toddler treasure hunt), as well as original games. These tried-and-tested activities are great fun for tots.

Parachute Games
Toddlers love these non-competitive games that encourage coordination and social skills.

Party Bags & Party Favours
Put together your own party bags for as little as 50p or $1.

What If Your Toddler Won't Wear Fancy Dress?
Not all youngsters want to be pirates and princesses at every toddler birthday party. Whether it's a whim, or your child genuinely hates dressing up, this page has some practical solutions to this problem.

Other Resources

Want some good ideas for birthday party games for 4 year olds and over? I recommend this site. It's always good to have a few activities for the bigger brothers/sisters at any toddler birthday party where older kids come along. there are also games that toddlers can join in with, such as the Troll Search. Even if they don't quite get the whole idea, they will love joining in and feeling like big boys and girls...a massive behaviour bonus!

Also birthday party games

Hobbie's House Of WizardWear is a great site - Purveyors of custom made knitwear for costuming purposes - Harry PotterĀ©, RENTĀ© and more...

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