Parachute Games For Toddlers

Parachute games are a brilliant activity for a toddler's party. No flying involved!

What Are Parachute Games?

They are group activities that use a large circle of cloth that looks like a parachute. Everyone stands in a circle, holding the canopy.

There are a surprising number of toddler games that you can do with a parachute. They are non-competitive and encourage cooperation and physical coordination, making them perfect for young children.

Points to remember:

  • Any toddler game needs adult participation - kids learn through what you show them and by copying you
  • Make each game quite short - when children start to get fidgety or misbehave, move on to the next activity

Here are some simple games to try out at your next toddler party:

Follow The Leader

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Choose 1 adult to be the leader. The group follows the actions that the leader says/demonstrates. For example:

  • 'Touch the sky!' - everyone raise the parachute up as high as they can
  • 'Touch the floor' - bring it down to the ground
  • 'Wave!' - flap the parachute in the air
  • 'Foot inside!'- everyone put one foot under the canopy
  • 'Walk!' - the group walks round in a circle
  • 'Underneath!'- all children run under the parachute

The last action is by far the most popular one, and you will find some toddlers ignore any other instructions. They will just keep running under the parachute until it's folded away.

Ball Games

Throw a small, lightweight ball onto the parachute. The group raises the parachute to see if they can keep the ball on the canvas.

Next see how high you can collectively 'throw' the ball.

Now try this with a larger ball, such as a beach ball.

Repeat with both balls at once.


Why not, instead of a parachute, just run under a table cloth or sheet.

Why not, stick some of your Halloween bat shapes on the underside of your old sheet.

When the sheet is raised up into the air, your toddler can see them. Great for a little Halloween party.

Ring-A-Ring O' Roses

Walk round in a circle, singing this popular nursery rhyme to the following actions:

Ring-a-ring O' roses
A pocketful of posies
- walk round in a circle holding the parachute
Atishoo, atishoo - flap parachute up and down
We all fall down - bring parachute to the floor. Alternatively all the children run underneath and the adults let the canopy fall onto the kids!

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