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That Your Toddler Can Create

Does the phrase 'homemade Christmas decorations' conjure up an image of disappointing designs with the sticky tape showng?

Not here...

These yuletide decorations will brighten up any home.

It's their shop-bought equivalents look cheap and tacky by comparison!
The irony is that everything you see here costs a fraction of what you'd pay for ready-made ones.
Not only that, but they are easier to make than they look.
Here are 4 Christmas decorations that you can make with your toddler (they are also suitable preschool Christmas craft projects):

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This Christmas cracker tree decoration is my personal favourite.

It's best put near the top of the tree, or might be mistaken for a real cracker. This is purely for ornamentation!

Shooting Star

What you need: some cheap shiny card, PVA glue and metallic shredded paper (which I found in a craft shop).

Stars are harder to draw than you might think. the trick is to draw a circle, then in it 2 triangles on top of each other.

Try to make the sides of each triangle the same length.

This will create a 6-pointed star. Cut this out and glue the shredded paper to the back with your toddler.

Be generous with the glue here to make sure the tail of the star sticks well.

Decorate the star with glitter or shiny shapes.

If you want to hang it from the tree, you can glue some ribbon to the back of the card.

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What you need: White or shiny card, PVA glue, cotton wool or batting, pipe cleaner, shiny craft materials, stick-on eyes (all available in basic craft kits or inexpensive craft packs).

Draw 2 overlapping circles on the back of the card, cut out and stick on the cotton wool.

Put some more glue on the cotton wool and then stick on the shiny stars etc - this gives it a more professional finish.

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Door Hanging

This is one of those homemade christmas decorations that is best to do with an older toddler, and not if s/he is feeling especially impatient.

You need: plain wrapping paper, metallic shredded paper, PVA glue, scissors.

Cut a strip of wrapping paper, making it twice the desired width of the strip.

Fold it in half lengthways, and help your toddler apply PVA glue generously along one half of the folded strip.

Now take a few strands of the metallic paper at a time and place them onto the glued strip until you have a complete 'fringe'.

Put a bit more glue on top of the strands, which will make sticking the top fold better.

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Add glitter to the strip of wrapping paper for an extra-special finish.

Hope you enjoyed homemade Christmas Decorations, click for more.

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